; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2021 : 1 : 13 : Physics Law 82 ;

(law 82) : origin of branching factor; origin of brunching factor;

Origin of BF2 Black; Origin of BF2 Gray;

kuru kuru WHILE human beings livable moons are with their peaceful & tranquil momentum, WHAT we've formed naturally is THAT ((hands, legs) with head);

because of Origin of BF2 (Black, Gray), based on iroColourWaveForm, we've (this DOMAIN) created the following BF2 DEF (s), for each imaginary hyper space crafts' interior Gene Therapy System, for each patient, person, Pt, user, WHOM (define yourself), ... ; regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (21st century & beyond), for each human beings livable moon, for each yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation, we've (this DOMAIN) created the following BF2 DEF : they're :

insubunkai Factorization; insubunkai Factorization; insubunkai Factorization;

BF2 Blue gray;  
BF2 Brown;  
BF2 Dark red;  
BF2 Gold;  
BF2 Green;  
BF2 Indigo;  
BF2 Lavender;  
BF2 Light turquoise;  
BF2 Light yellow;  
BF2 Lime;  
BF2 Orange;  
BF2 Purple;  
BF2 Red;  
BF2 Rose; Remark: rose a.k.a. pink;
7 9 5 2
9 6 1 5
p i n k
r o s e
BF2 Silver;  
BF2 Turquoise;  
BF2 White;  
BF2 Yellow;  

Origin of BF2 Black; Origin of BF2 Gray;

2 is very very unique in many ways; Also see: 2;
(2 + 2) is a method, and 4, a.k.a. 4 Noble Truths; Also see: Numbers_in_Dhamma;

Also see: this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

well trained kids! replied: can we edit the GIF files to be 90 degree diff sir ? e.g. Origin of BF2 Black 90 degree diff; Origin of BF2 Gray 90 degree diff;

I wrote : mochiron of course, we've realized and understood THAT all we'll need to do is applying (2 + 2) Method, along with Time (e.g. 2 phase lunar calendar, 4 phase lunar calendar), And Then, calculating the yellowish variation as Distance among human beings livable moons ( 2) as Space, And Then, Action e.g. gene therapy (therapeutic ways) for each patient, person, Pt, user, ... ; well trained kids! should be smarter than me of course;

well trained kids! replied: WHY origin of BF2 sir ?

I wrote : DEE 's one of the characteristics, behave like medium, kuru kuru WHILE human beings livable moons are in peaceful & tranquil orbital themselves, (pull, push) of DEE prompt 2 edges like  branching factor (BF2), brunching factor (BF2);

well trained kids! replied: WHY insects don't obey BF2 sir ?

I wrote : they do, but in diff view (sectional) though e.g. snakes seem BF1 but they do by bone;

also see: Japanese Robotics Usages; Nama For Humanoid; we're able to define and program (origin of branching factor, origin of brunching factor) by using this DOMAIN 's   (BF2 Blue gray, BF2 Brown, BF2 Dark red, BF2 Gold, BF2 Green, BF2 Indigo, BF2 Lavender, BF2 Light turquoise, BF2 Light yellow, BF2 Lime, BF2 Orange, BF2 Purple, BF2 Red, BF2 Rose (Remark: rose a.k.a. pink), BF2 Silver, BF2 Turquoise, BF2 White, BF2 Yellow)   , therefore, we (humanoids) will be able to communicate and understand insectoids, animaloids, ... ;

I wrote: I've a quiz, i.e. regarding (Auto Grow, Physics Law 131 ... ), and (leading 3 naturally, Physics Law 170 ... ), WHICH ones would you like to choose to implement your (biochemical, biogenetic, biological, biomedical, biophysical, immunological, medical, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, radiological) inside of our imaginary hyper space crafts?

well trained kids! replied: ware ware We'll be using ( , ) sir;

I wrote: I need to QA your imaginary hyper space (concept, idea, knowledge) now i.e. doko WHERE, our solar system should be in the "left" side of your answer ( , ), so you're already beyond "gray scale" simulation for sure, and good luck in your R&D, e.g. human beings livable moons in our universes, ... ; Reminder: don't forget to apply Physics Law 184, GDC Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth) ... , for each human beings livable moon, because diff ... ;

C Sequence Number (BF2), also see: Physics Law 1 ... ;