Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 6 : 23 : Physics Law 169 ;


Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer (gravitation, gravitational, gravity, gravity spot), using iroColourWaveForm based optics, for each (individual, patient, person, Pt, user, WHOM) to be ( Antiviral: AntiVirus, immune_cell, immunological) ones ... ;

immunological; immunological; immunological;
immunological; immunological; immunological;
immunological; immunological; immunological;

Remark: (silver, red, blue), designed & modelled, for each immunological ... ; think that "blue" is naturally & originally our earth self as blue planet; think that "red" is naturally & originally coming from "sun" planet; think that "silver" is neither black nor gray, and suingu Swing-By time period (constellation rising time, no constellation rising time) with peaceful & tranquil moon (one of the human being livable moons in our universes) ... ; wareware We need to be immunological immuned ones against unwanted diseases, unwanted virus, ... ;

Optics; Optics; Optics; Also see: Optics; Remember: Green;

Also see: Physics Law 153, EM Pull, ... ;

acquired immunity;

B cell; B cells; a.k.a. B lymphocytes;

lymphocyte subtype (white blood cell);
secreting antibodies; secreting Antibody;

bio marker, cell marker, NGS marker, tumor marker, UDNGS marker; using DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) ... ;

Cell; Cell; Cell;

cell, e.g. bio cells; biological cells; biomedical cells; immunological cells; pathological cells;

every immunological cell has its home; humanoid Jiwaka, using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (location awareness, (Physics Law 113, any moving location of point)), ... ; e.g. location awareness (Comorbidity) would be Pt (Patient) 's whole body; e.g. location awareness (Coronavirus, COVID-19, MERS, SARS) would be respiratory system; e.g. location awareness (Hepatitis C Virus) would be liver;

dendritic cells; Dendritic cells; a.k.a. accessory cells, antigen presenting cells of mammalian immuned system

DC, Dendritic Cell;
functional antigen presenting cells;
surface to the T cells of the immuned system;
they (dendritic cells, Dendritic cells) are (ACT, Action, active) As Messenger (between innate ones and adaptive ones) ... ;

fungal spores are biological particles;

dissimilar to seed, fungi decomposes organic waste;
in ecosystem, recycling (carbon, minerals), essential ones ... ;
similar to seed, fungi reproduces self microscopic biological particles;

hyper active immune response;

immune cell;

immuned cells, part of the immune system (specific antiviral)
THAT fights (disease, disorder, infection, virus); in common,
immuned cells are developed from stem cells (of the bone marrow)
to be white blood cells;

immuned system;

innate immunity;

innate immunity (antigen) THAT (attacks, fights) foreign cells;
innate immunity (macrophages, monocytes, phagocytes) ... ;

Interleukin-6; IL-6;

logical e.g. (biological, immunological, pathological) ... ;

A; C; G; T; immunological cell marker;

this DOMAIN 's immunological cell marker is against (pathogen of known virus, pathogen of unknown virus) ... ;

kotai Antibody ((blood protein counteracts to specific antigen), (blood protein responses to specific antigen)) ... ; Also see: k Usage;

menekisoshikikagaku Immunohistochemical;

(message, messaged, messaging, messenger) e.g. DC, Dendritic Cell;

mucous membrane, respiratory secretes mucus (epithelial tissue);

2564; in 2020, this DOMAIN (IFF COVID-19 positive ones), using ( Antiviral COVID-19, Antiviral COVID-19) to be (healthy, therapeutic), to cure COVID-19, and Recovery ... ;

Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

NK cell; NK cells;

Police Officer Cells (NK cell) ... ;

phagocytosis phagocytes (multi cellular organism) immune system,
doko WHERE removing cell debris and pathogens;


(pinpoint, pinpointed, pinpointing) cell marker, also see: iGTSU; P vector direction;

receptor (receiving something in action) ... ;

iroColourWaveForm (Silver, Red, Blue) ... ;

T cell; T cells;

(command, commanded, commander, commanding) helper T cells;
(command, commanded, commander, commanding) killer T cells;

e.g. this DOMAIN 's (helper, killer) T cells, killing COVID-19 cells;

this DOMAIN 's kotai Antibody is against (pathogen of known virus, pathogen of unknown virus) ... ;

(weapon manufacture, weapon manufactured, weapon manufacturer, weapon manufacturing) e.g. B cell; B cells;

( X, Y, Z) AntiVirus : using AntiCOVID-19 to (attack, fight) Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19;