Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 3 : 10 : Physics Law 135 ;

(law 135) : commutative;

commutative, (group of quantities) 's condition, kuru kuru WHILE using Operator, the defined condition prompts the same result e.g. ((x + y = y + x), (x - y = y - x), (x * y = y * x), (a/b = b/a)), whatsoever order of the quantities are e.g. "a" as quantity, "b" As Quantity;

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts must obey its iroColourWaveForm, and ("Maroon" , "Orange" , "Red") Colors must obey inner side of Solar System as limitation, if compare to, ("Aqua" , "Dark Blue" , "Purple") Colors must obey outer side of Solar System as limitation;

IFF NOT naturally Nested, WHICH means no orbital exist, other wording would be e.g.
IFF NOT naturally heterodyning, void the limitations;

commutative _DEE _Capacitance, also see: DEE, Dark Energy Engineering (lights go through like radio) and, we've very very very limited tools e.g. directional gravity pressure (millibar), lights (iroColourWaveForm), sound (SPL), way (Motor Way, Wormhole Way), ... ;

1st. to realize and understand oscillation of this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts e.g. capacitance run;

2nd. to realize and understand 1 way DEE;

3rd. to realize and understand directional e.g. suingu Swing-by Gravity Time 's directional, in addition, we've to realize and understand e.g. toward the sun (inner Solar System), e.g. outward from our Solar System, And Then, commutative _DEE _Capacitance can be designed and modeled for ACT3 level imaginary hyper space crafts ... ;

Remark: approx. 33+ years old info, as of 2563 : 2020, commutative capacitor can indicate gravity's directional; therefore, this symbol can be used NOT ONLY for capacitance BUT ALSO for directional sensor; Also see: Directions;

yudenritsu Permittivity, dielectric constant, e.g. a substance is able to store electrical energy; Also see: Optics;