; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 8 : 19 : Physics Law 107 ;

(law 107) : 3 ZCS camera;

well, we need to be refreshed in retrospective way i.e.

we need to refresh HOW ZCS _Camera (Also see: Schematic Dimensional), and yellow (get away, goes away) ... Remark: ACT2 imaginary hyper space because heat and light are at the same location only in our earth, and realize and understand THAT we've never had (circle, rectangle, square, triangle) regarding yellow because of remote heat sensing space environment (Also see: Remote Heat Sensing Radical),

we need to refresh HOW ZCS _ hole (s) with or without water ... ,

we need to refresh HOW 90 degree diff (from CRT to flat panel, flat screen, flat surface, ZCS) by using memristor (s) Method,

this DOMAIN 's contents development is a part of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization WHICH exists but unofficially (Remember: I don't know the other sides, therefore please don't mention my name), and this law number is 107, so realize THAT in 108 configuration, we've done 2 phase lunar calendar and 4 phase lunar calendar (Also see: Synchronization) SYNC by (10,7,??) portion of ((3,3,3,3), (10,7,10)) a.k.a. 108 configuration (refresh, refreshed, refreshing) ... ; Remark: ACT3 imaginary hyper space ... ;


well trained kids! replied: we don't see camera shutter in your ZCS _Camera sir, WHY?

I wrote : Oh! Oh! don't forget HOW to charge battery e.g. fetching green ZCS toward the battery cells to be energetic ones in addition to sound beam method; we've used the same (concept, idea, info) to do camera shutter function, we've been using zcs Black WHICH has been (fetch, fetched, fetching) via button (off, on), instead of using mechanical camera shutter; Remark: unlike mechanical camera shutter, if we don't fetch zcs Black toward lens, this DOMAIN 's ZCS _Camera behaves like camcorder (unlimited time period);

well trained kids! replied: should we develop RGB regarding ZCS _Camera sir ?

I wrote : (YES; Radical751) Yes. (light yellow (e.g. {FF,CC,99}) area can be filled with RGB either multiple inheritance or single inheritance) but you must be trained for HOW blue LED 1st i.e. very basic, And Then, green LED, And Then, red LED, And Then, (lights as screens, lights as sheets), also see: iroLED; surface;

well trained kids! replied: since 1080 Display can be defined by locally 10 * 108, and each 108 x 108 can be defined by 1 digital camera (e.g. ZCS _Camera), do we have 10 cameras for each 1080 Display sir ?

I wrote : remember, OEM (s) never have manufactured without vision, regarding Display, therefore, please don't do sex in front of Display (flat panel, flat screen, Monitor, Projector, smart phone, TV) WHICH can be used for Gene Therapy System ... ;