; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 8 : 22 : Physics Law 102 ;

(law 102) : MLLNL;

Physics Law 184, GDC Gas Exchange ... ;
Physics Law 180, ... ;
Physics Law 178, plasma cluster Sensor ... ;
Physics Law 127, therapeutic LASER must obey ... ;
Physics Law 115, cluster compliance ... ;

MLLNL, Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser; for clearing clouds in the sky; for reducing rain e.g. not to have excessive rainfall; Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

well trained kids! replied: HOW to design and engineer Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser sir ?

I wrote :

1st to realize & understand ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface), And Then, ( 2 ZCS), ( 3 ZCS), ... ;

2nd to realize & understand ( MLLNL1, MLLNL2, MLLNL3, MLLNL4, MLLNL5) structural, doko WHERE naturally ((aqua, aqua blue, cyan) dot, point, spot, ... are) ... ; Also see: Laser;

3rd to realize & understand ( , , (other side, other sides, wall, Walls)) doko WHERE hole can be defined e.g. Wormhole Way Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser; Remark: if military grade (MLLNL), e.g. no material can exist at the focal point of Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser, and no need to declare war in 21st century & beyond;

And Then, directional e.g. (path, route, way) can be defined ... i.e. HOW MLLNL has been designed & engineered for more than 20+ years already;

for reducing rain e.g. not to have excessive rainfall, using MLLNL ... ;

Remark: this PHYSICS law can be used NOT ONLY in military applications, BUT ALSO as this DOMAIN 's systems e.g. gene therapy system, idea processor system, language learning system, manmade global weather system, triangulation system in the Internet, ... ;

since we've been using Idea Processor, induction logic of MLLNL would be: , and realize and understand THAT left ZCS and (back, rear) ZCS are pros, on the other hand, right ZCS is the defined surface, doko WHERE MLLNL may begin as cons ... , i.e. HOW aesthetics is, also see: philosophy ... ;

I wrote : regarding Fuse Box Logic AC, we've 2 grounds and they are 90 degree diff; so, I've a quiz for you well trained kids! i.e. if I draw a picture like CCW1WDS : WHAT would your answer in a few words ?

well trained kids! replied: Counter Clock Wised 1 Way DEE Structural sir;

I wrote : wow! well trained kids! are very very smart ones already, therefore, should join & work for Shakya King's R&D groups ... ; don't forget to do your own e.g. clock wised ones, left-to-right ones, right-to-left ones, up-to-down ones, ... , e.g. induction logic of 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index can also be defined by 3 parallel planes ... ;

Remark: only after understanding this PHYSICS law, wormhole way MLLNL can be designed, engineered, and modeled; excuse me! I cannot teach you well trained kids! HOW wormhole way ... , you need to do yourselves ... ; this PHYSICS law : level of knowledge : 3 ZCS without yellowish variation;

Moon Wave LASER (Aqua based, beyond carbon nano wall, beyond carbon nano world, DEE _Mouth based, WHILE moon waves are coming in parallel Silver) ... ; Remark: for "mapping our universes" project;