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This webpage \IT\Note\Scripts\R5.htm is redirected by clicking on \IT\Note\R10.htm inside explorer.

This webpage \IT\Note\Scripts\R5.htm can also be redirected by running autorun.inf, by executing following 2 lines of code inside the autorun.inf file.


Notice and understand diff between *.inf file and hyperlink. And also understand diff among directory folder levels.

The following script is a sample, run and executed by R10.htm to redirect to this webpage. If absolute path vs. relative path system testing needed, such as   .\\   .//   file:///   a:\   c:\   g:\   t:\   .. are necessary to be tested ... , also see: ping command; also see: toggling mode for humanoids;  

<script language="javascript">
function redirect()
if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
{".\\Scripts\\R5.htm", "_self");
{".//Scripts//R5.htm", "_self");
<body onLoad="redirect()">