Method     Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day;

since 2018/2562, this DOMAIN has started its "reversed momentum method" (Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean)) to avoid earthquakes, and to avoid tsunami; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, (e.g. idea ♯ 275; 108 configuration), (e.g. idea ♯ 273; HOW to avoid earthquakes; cone method), ... ; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil ;

21st century & beyond, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) based Idea Processor (Embedded Devices) As Method; Radical693;

form; function; method; system; Radical992;

IFF 2 gravity spots can be defined (using niji Rainbow As Method), teleportation method may begin; Radical719;

means; move; technique (a.k.a. Method); trick; workmanship; Radical86;

manner; means; method; way; Radical92;

avoiding earthquake in the defined region, also see: Manmade Global Weather ... ;

DEE method; e.g. Gene Therapy System; i.e. beyond 1/2 fish DEE pattern (micro SD) and i.e. also beyond Active Y (((USB) 1 light stick), ((USB2) 2 light sticks), ((USB3) 3 light sticks)), ... ;

dimensional (e.g. numerological) method; e.g. 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count; numerological numbers can be addressed IFF browser based, and then, be defined;

directional (e.g. Lo Shu, Sudoku) method; e.g. Manmade Global Weather; e.g. no more earthquake in Japan, no more tsunami in Japan, no more volcanic eruption in Japan;

Directional Gravity Pressure method; e.g. no more earthquake; e.g. 1 kilometer hotspots in oceans;

directional gravity spots method; e.g. Plasma Cluster wind, windy, ... ; e.g. remove air pollutions; air pollutions above cities can be removed by its breezy wind; no more regional flood; three of 1 meter gravity spots in tangent (i.e. regarding Manmade Global Weather); (1 cm, 5 cm, 10 cm) directional gravity spots (Gene Therapy System) ... ;

( FMD, NMD) method; e.g. natural water elevator;

prolong life expectancy (gene therapy) method, e.g. using human beings livable moons' variable DEE patterns, to prolong life expectancy; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

growth rate (BF1, BLI) method, e.g. remote heat sensing (C Sequence Number (BF2), Tree);

Idea Processor (advance AI, advanced AI, AI) method, e.g. Radicals;

IoT method; e.g. using NFC with factoring of its root server;

kuru kuru WHILE lights are ... i.e. WORMHOLE Method;

Manmade Global Weather (service) method; i.e. a part of mapping our universes project;

2010s style Solar Sail Memristor based heterodyning Method;

1990s style Memristor _ without _ hole - board based heterodyning Method;

multi systems method; Also see: Ace Jaw (Black Book, Red Book) to be world's richest person;

multi timelines method; e.g. this DOMAIN, using 17 time lines ... ;

natural water elevator method; e.g. if this DOMAIN 's contents cause devices' weight may vary;

Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization method, i.e. the most advance knowledge based theory;

neutrino LASER (comet, multi long length, single photo) method; e.g. military science = PHYSICS + Computer; excuse me! I've my own physics laws; regarding military science, this DOMAIN is making sure NOT to happen 2 hours of overwriting & resetting destinations of automotives can be destructing 200+ years of constructing works;

tremor; computed tomography with ioflupane (single photon) emission method, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 251, comet; neutrino LASER (comet, multi long length, single photon) method; (IFF (±98) blue, using plus; IFF (±98) yellow, using minus) i.e. kuru kuru WHILE gene therapy, using this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (neutrino LASER) to cure tremor; Also see: iroLED;

( NMD, FMD) method; e.g. natural water elevator;

Rainbow Method; i.e. beyond micro SD 's 1/2 fish DEE pattern, and USB 's Active Y (1, 2, 3) light sticks;

remote heat sensing (structural C Sequence Number) method; e.g. structural 4 nodes' static way;

Satellite _ DNS _ Domain (e.g. this DOMAIN) method; i.e. system database registry value based;

Solar Sail method; e.g. using reversed yellowish variations to be energetic and proactive;

Sound _Beam method; e.g. battery charging; e.g. to stimulate bio cells;

tremor; trans cranial ultra sono graphy (Sound _Beam) method, also see: Schematic Symbols; SPL (Sound Pressure Level) based pressure, kuru kuru WHILE gene therapy, using this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (Sound _Beam) to cure tremor;

SPL level authentication method; i.e. beyond capacitance based oscillation;

surface ( negative Curvature, positive Curvature, zero Curvature) method; e.g. variable DEE patterns;

Wall Method; e.g. shielding LASER; e.g. structural snaky patterns (4 lines) 's reversed spots;

yellowish variations method; i.e. human beings livable moons' variable DEE patterns based;

In HARDWARE, using more than 8+ methods ... ; In SOFTWARE, Java (a.k.a. oracle), using more methods than Microsoft's Basic; One of the AI OS characters, using ɟ() method (ɟ), and notice that ɟ character is variable among fonts; The following table, using 4 diff backgrounds, using layered table ... , for 3D GUI e.g.  Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea ♯ 153) ... i.e. how 10 dimensions can be implemented; Also see: operators;

manner of doing , mean s
, method , way ...        
ɟ ( ) method ( ɟ ) ...    
ɟ ( ) method ( ɟ ) ...    
method ; method ; method ;  
  method ;            
mean s , method ;  
  logic , method , reason
, system , thread ;        
new law , new method
; method , order , regularity ,
system ;              
form , formula , method ,
system ;              
course , mean s , method ,
resource , way ;          
1 priori method ; access method ; access method executor
; analytical method ; basic access method ; common access
method ; C A M ; compaction method ; coordinate
d test method ; critical path method ; difference method
; distribute d test method ; dither method ; encoding
method ; external test method ; gestalt method ; heuristic
method ; implementation method ; ink - jet method ;
input method ; I M ; kanji encoding method ;
level sense method ; measurement method ; modulation method ;
poly top method ; radio sit y ; remote test
; run length method ; simplex method ; Telecommunication Access
Method ; tiling window method ;        
Array method , Atan ( ) method , Cos
( ) method , Draw Line method , example
, Exp ( ) method , Print method ,
text using Graphic s . Draw String method , Process
. Start method , feature of , Set Bound s
method , Show Dialog method , Sign ( )
method , Sin ( ) method , Sqrt (
) method , string s processing using method s
and keyword s , System . Drawing . Graphic
s class shape s and method s use d
in , Tan ( ) method , To String
method , Move method , Show method ,    
  method s :            
Abs ( ) , Array , Also See :
Array method ; Atan ( ) , Cos (
) , creating ; creating in class e s
; define d , Exp ( ) ; Graphic
s . Draw String ; Keyword s and ,
processing string s with ; Print ; Process . Start
. Also See : Process Start method ; Set Bound
s . Also See : Set Bound s method ;
Show Dialog , Sign ( ) , Sin (
) ; Sqrt ( ) , Tan (
) , To String . Also See : ToString
; pointer ;            
  embed e.g. java . HTML ;      

4.9 Method, also see: PHYSICS law seventy three ... ;

IFF population (populating), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 183, Green Ones;

variable ( i); increase method (e.g. i = i + 1); decrease method (e.g. i = i - 1);

air; appearance; manner; method; Shi Jing folk song; style; tendency; way; wind (one of the 5 elements); Radical217, also see: Radicals;

2019/2563 this DOMAIN 's design model (, , ) : because of we're applying reversed momentum method, regarding no volcanic eruption (active volcano), they (4 points) should be on straight line ... , doesn't matter, whether ((the "L" shape 3 points and 1 point (peak point of the defined active volcano)) altogether 4 points), by cartography, or horizontally, or topographic map;

- GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic);
- no volcanic eruption (active volcano);
- one of the reversed momentum methods;
- peak point of the defined active volcano must be at the edge of "GREEN" ;
- they (4 points) should be on the straight line;
- think of our 4 fingers' end points are NOT the same in Distance;
- universally in (2,3 dimensional) space, 4 lights are almost tangent on FMD;
- universally in (2,3 dimensional) space, on the straight line (DEE), impossible (4 points (heat, light));
- universally no (heat, light) means no volcanic eruption;

Also see: PHYSICS law sixty seven ... ;

2019/2562; 78ECB300 Method i.e. data recovery method of this DOMAIN; also see: Oh My Lord, HOW this DOMAIN 's jinko chino Artificial Intelligence system is very very smart to be using ???????? to do data recovery ... ;