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Remark: type WHAT you want to be in Google search engine, and then, gather information 1st, and then, be ready (research; study; Radical295) and take license exam (e.g. State's board certification) 2nd, and then, don't forget to apply at WHERE do you like to be i.e. career, employment, professional, ... ; the following links are a few examples; we human beings can perform 1,2 steps very well, so be WHAT you want to be; don't depend on neither line phone nor mobile phone; walk-in or appointment with HR is recommended;

American Association of Medical Review Officers,; training & certification available;

Auto salesmen license, also see: State's motor vehicle department e.g. in California,;

Barbering and Cosmetology license, e.g. in California, also see:;

Contractor (constructing e.g. Home Improvement), if in California, also see: Contractors State License Board,;

Driver License, e.g. hazardous material endorsement, e.g. public bus endorsement, also see: State's motor vehicle department;

(Echocardiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Sonography, Phlebotomy, ... ), also see: KPSAHS, Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Science,;

Home Inspector (AHSI reporter),; Remark: home inspection is required by law, for each real estate transaction (closing); if in California, also see: California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA);


Pharmacy Technician, e.g. CphT in California,;