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do AI ( AUTO correct) IFF code's function results "unwanted" ... ; because, we human beings make many mistakes (e.g. DEF (a.k.a. definition) error, logical error, semantic error, syntax error, ... );

ACT3 artificial energies, artificial lights, designing NOT to fail; this DOMAIN encourages Monbusho grant awarded  developers ... ;

any direction filling, also see: Lo Shu 's magic square numbers e.g. ((492, 294), (357, 753), (816, 618), (438, 834), (951, 159), (276, 672), (456, 654), (258, 852)) can define levels e.g. (816, 618) as level 1, (357, 753) as level 2, (492, 294) as level 3; and then, any direction (e.g. fill) can be defined by Lo Shu 's magic square numbers ... ;

Biometric P vector computing logic for P M D, developed in 2003;

C Sequence Number; invented in 2001, in Thailand;

(chained list) ... ;

IFF code (snippets) ... ;

Algorithm In Loops (e.g. i = i + 1), also see: counter;

Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178; Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number; Math approach; using parallel coordinates (data point) idea, developed in 2015 / 2559;

For advisers, algorithm analysts, A S I C / A S S P / ... programmable hardware logic programmers, designers, developers, researchers, scholars, software engineers, students, teachers, technical consultants, ... , Writing Sheet is available to print out for further idea ... ;

FuzzySVM, ACT2 fuzzy support vector machine, a mathematical classification of ... ;

GO TO vs. JUMP: depending on whether looping, or brunching, GO TO, or JUMP varies in algorithmic methodology;

hash is table based method, approx. 50+ years old (since 1960s); In common, math (e.g. +, -, *, /, ... ) for each value to prompt reference value; Hot-swappable Recovery Algorithm, a draft; Also see: Optical computing recovery;

IFF programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, non-linear, toward uncertain) ... ;

think that dynamic is like (13=8+5) and our solar system is a part of secant & segment to our universes;
think that goal is to be TRUE, more % to be truth regarding content type
think that integer is like numerological (1 ~ 9) with zero;
think that linear is like series, sequence, And Then, C Sequence Number (BF) with its growth rate;
think that multi level is to be defining Idea Processor beyond GPS (Translator, Dictionary, Calculator);
think that multi objective is like OLE, doko WHERE multi items, objects, and things are combined as system
think that non-linear is like co-existence to linear (moon night's Navy Blue, earth day's Aqua Blue);
think that toward uncertain is like heat & light are NOT in the same location and yellowish variation

mantissa point (a.k.a. truncating point) for SQRT2 (a.k.a. square root 2) design model; √ ; also see: 4sComputer;
mantissa point (a.k.a. truncating point) for SQRT3 (a.k.a. square root 3) design model; √ ; also see: 5sComputer;


i is assign ed i minus one ;    


i - 1 ;    

i.e. off one after another (i = i - 1); IFF multi gravity spots ( dots), also see: landing; minus a.k.a. subtracting method;

idea ♯ 249, Walls, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; And Then, notice that Computer Science ( Walls) might be: font, form, and stack, doko WHERE left-and-bottom represents font, left-and-top represents form, and top-and-right represents stack; i.e. IT Security (Algorithm) ... ; regarding Idea Processor level IT Security, also see: Radicals;


i is assign ed i plus one ;    


i + 1 ;    

i.e. on one after another (i = i + 1); IFF multi gravity spots ( dots), also see: elevating; plus a.k.a. adding method;

IFF 3 dimensional, table method is recommended; this DOMAIN is 10 dimensional system, because accordance with Buddha & Buddhism, 10 (2*5) directions to be sent metta (loving kindness) ... for thousands of years;

Keyword, IFF base ( dictionary) ... ; 2008, Pg. 108, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU wrote: "Imagine that you are sitting inside the box and you don't understand a word of Chinese. Assume you have a book that allows you to rapidly translate Chinese and manipulate its characters. If a person asks you a question in Chinese, you merely manipulate there strange looking characters, without understanding what they mean, and give credible answers. " ...  ; also see: AI (Artificial Intelligence) keyword ... ;

(linked list) ... ;

Mathematics; Since 1985, 1 + 1 = 1 can be proved by algebra, therefore be very careful in equations, formulations, ... ;

Mutual exclusion; Mutual exclusion problem;

MSDN C L R Reusable Sample Codes [MSDN Magazine; June, 2007];

Plus One, an algorithm to do gene therapy, by adding Good Gene (76647555) ... ;

Beyond heat sensing patterns, beyond good gene pattern recognition, personal computer ( PC) with camera and display screen can do gene therapy i.e. a part of gravity dimension computer development ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, Bio Clock vs. Life Span, idea # 130, 30%; Increase Life Span in 21st century;

queue, e.g. FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out), ... ;

schedule     schedule;

HOW to sort, e.g.

1st to think of is that NOT HOW to sort;

search data first e.g. binary search;

and then, WHAT kind of data is going to be read in;

and then, do

Alphabetical order [BY DEFINED CHARACTER CODE],

Chronicle order [BY TIME], ... ;

and then, WHICH sorting algorithm is going to be suitable for an engineering/developing environment in a suitable time;

Search . 2 processes with OR;

Sort Out; Sorting a fuzzy set { , , , , , , ... , ACT2 stage developers only ... ;

source code; e.g. ((i = variable (defined Ref or Val is assigned into i); i 's conditional logic statement (also see: operators); method e.g. plus is simple and easy to do) return i (either Ref or Val) as defined function's named parameter); if not returning i WHICH means as it is within the defined function; Also see: web pages;

stack, e.g. layered data structure as segment, ... ;

Stack, WHEN memory is referenced, so its internal value becomes space to be ... , doko WHERE functional algorithms such as FIFO or LIFO, List, Queue, ... can be applied; Basically,

Push a.k.a. adding to,

Pop a.k.a. getting from;

Stage by stage vs. Step by step, also see: numerological dimension BASIC, doko WHERE Quality can be further research & study ... ;

2000_Sun_Forte_Java_v1_BubbleSort, Sun Microsystems' Reusable Bubble Sort Sample Code, [Forte for Java, Community Edition v.1, 2000];

Swap ... ; invented in 1995;

Also see:;

Synchronous Semaphore in Client-Server;

Also see: Server;

this DOMAIN 's AI OS Gene Therapy Algorithm, e.g. kuru kuru WHILE (specific Life Span) using plus one to do gene treatment ... ;

plus 1 algorithm is recommended, because, regarding telomere of cell, in order to do life span becomes longer and longer, plus 1 algorithm (76647555) i.e. good gene ... ;

WHEN a clock tick, HOW a logic flows with WHICH parameterized data ... ; Also see: Algorithm Methods and Data Structures;

WHEN you no longer know doko WHERE the particles are, i.e. uncertain; IFF undefined asterism, also see: Constellations;