Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 10 : 2 : bGTSU, b Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code) QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code;

to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

b* ; B* ;

BLMIS; e.g.

BLMIS, Bio Logical Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome; Also see: COVID-19;

blood; e.g.

Blood Test, also see: CDGWT;

(immunoassay, occult blood, stool) Dx results (negative, positive) ... ;

(Silver, Red, Blue), also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

BMD; e.g.

aBMD, areal BMD;
BMC, Bone Mineral Content;
BMD, Bone Mineral Density;
BMD T score; e.g. hip BMD T score, lumbar spine BMD T score;
boosting BMD;
Number mg/cm^3; e.g. cortical vBMD, lumber spine integral vBMD, trabecular vBMD;
vBMD, volumetric BMD;
x-ray absorptiometry; DEXA, Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry;

nerve i.e. in the body, fibers are transmitting impulses (sensation) to (brain, muscle, spinal cord) organs, also see: nGTSU;

female breast; e.g.


duct (IFF NOT (breast feeding, milk)); ducts;

fat lobules;

female breast gland; female breast glands;


pectoralis major muscle (rib cage); pectoralis minor muscle (rib cage);

suspensory ligaments of cooper;

female breast;

Hybrid Being; Also see: Computer Science; Gene Therapy System; Idea Processor; layer;

BSA, Body Surface Area; BSA, Body Surface Area; BSA, Body Surface Area;

( BSV, Bamboo Stem Variation) As Factor, so one step closer to water flow gene therapy system ... , also see: Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System ... ; Remark: for ACT3 imaginary hyper space;

Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;