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Because, Chinese defines "Myan" before British; In Chinese, "pronounce Myan", "pronounce Dian", in Myanmar "pronounce Dian", might derivatively pronounce "pronounce Tine in Myanmar", and later might pronounce "pronounce Tine Pyi in Myanmar", and so on ... ; means emperor's land; Also see: TIENG VIET;

Since an era of Siam to nowadays' Thailand, Thai calls Myanmar "pronounce Pha Mar in Thai", ... ;

Cambodians call Myanmar "pronounce Phon Mi in Khamer", and the pronunciation might be derived from Mon language WHICH was well civilized in the Cambodia, southern Myanmar, and southern Thai;

A developer's middle name "Myint" might be the same pronunciation as an ethnic group name in Lao;

A developer's 1st name "Mon" is one of the ethnic group name in Myanmar;

Politics in 21st century, the most complex region in the world is Asia, because religion diff, culture diff, language diff, ... a developer believes that all south east Asia nations are semantics alike;

The name Burma, was named by British in English language, since an era of Western industrialization to an era of Western Civilization's colony era, and Myanmar became independence as Burma in 1948;

Border lines, boundaries, ownership of lands, ownership of properties, even use of languages, ... are all depend on civilized power of human beings; Along with time period, ownership may change, for example, USA has been known for only a few hundreds years, when compare to thousands of years, in addition, within the USA's time period, Alaska became USA in 20th century, in 21st century ... ;

500+ years from now ... , this blah blah blah explanation will not exist, but essence might be ... ; For example, religions exist for thousands of years ... , 22/7 exists for thousands of years ... , so do 108 exists ... , dynasties exist for thousands of years ... , civilizations exist for thousands of years ... ; So, do good khamma, good results will be, so try to keep daily 5 precepts as a common person ... ;

When a developer was a college student, who traveled to Mon-Khamer civilized area, and 7 hours of climbing mountains from ground-level to peak-level, and at the peak level when arriving at a pagoda [ also see:  2008_Myanmar_MonState_KyaikhtiyoPagoda], and read not only 4 planet prediction, but also life expectancies of human beings will form longer and longer up to 10,000+ years life expectancies [also see: 100,000 ], and then shorter and shorter to 20+ years life expectancies, ... ; Question is: do you know HOW many years life expectancies in 21st century?