Article 185; Book 17; Image 71; Presentation 1; Referral 20;

Monastery ... ;

2017/2561; Ashin Sandrawara Bhivamsa, also see: index;

2017/2561; Sayadaw U Silasara; also see: index;

2017/2561; Aung San Sayadaw Bhaddanta Saddhammakittisara; also see: index;

2017/2561; July 4th, USA Independence Day; Dr. Ashin Pannyissara, B.A. (Myanmar), M.A. (Sri Lanka), Ph.D. (India),;

Also see: 07/04/2017 (USA Independence Day), KMC, Kusalakari Meditation Center, French Camp, California, USA, visiting monk Ashin Pannyissara's dharma talk, also see: 233 (i.e. ../../Monastery/Kusalakari/_audio/2017July/233.MP3);

2017/2561; Alodawpyie Bodhi Sukha Dhamma Meditation Monastery California (ABSDMMC); also see: index;

2017/2560; Beelin Sayadaw U Pyinnyadipa, 84th Birthday Dharma Talk; also see: index;

2016/2560; Mettananda Vihara, Fremont, California, USA; also see: index;

2016/2560;; language: Myanmar; Pali;

2015/2559; TBSA .org refers domain names are: ("anicca" in Pali means impermanence, and "sayadaw" in Myanmar language means senior monk (literally, "saya" means teacher, and "daw" might be derived from China's 10 dynasty's queen); (dhamma a.k.a. dharma, doko WHERE Buddha's teaching e.g. web contents, audio files, text files, paper books, ... as content); dhamma, dhamma in English, dhamma in Myanmar; Also see: Reference Books (e.g. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF BUDDHISM, 1994);, Las Vegas, NV, USA; language: English; Burmese; Thai;

International Myanmar Monasteries ... ; Remark: some addresses are old already, and there are many unlisted monasteries exist;

2012;; language: English; Myanmar; Pali; Sri Lanka;

Kusalakari Meditation Center ( K M C), French Camp, California, USA; also see:;

my mudita .com, Ashin Nanika bhivamsa, since 2011/2555;


Tathagata .org, also see: published books by Tathagata Meditation Center; language: English; Myanmar; Vietnamese;

TBSA, Dhammananda Vihara; U.Jotalankara; language: English, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, Myanmar, Pali;

The Theravada Buddhist monk U.Jotalankara has been assigned/appointed by Mahasi center, to be a head monk of Half Moon Bay, California's monastery, and he had been 5+ years in Japan, and he adapted and succeeded Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana languages; He has been 5+ years in USA, and he has published several books in Myanmar, and actively distributing, preaching, reading, writing Buddhism ... ;

Wat Dhammararam, 3732 E. Carpenter Rd., Stockton, CA 95215, USA; Khamer monastery, well established and supported by approx. 30,000+ Cambodians who live in California, USA; Mon-Khamer people; this DOMAIN developer 1st visited in 2015;


Mahasi ( brunches exist in several nations, U Indaka (a brunch of Mahasi), U Pyinnya Thiha, (a brunch of Mahasi), ... English, Myanmar, Pali; [remark: was available before 2013];

bms [ remark: available before 2011 ], English, Hindi, Myanmar, Sanskrit, Pali, Ashin Nayaka, Ph.D.; The domain name has been changed to in 2011/2555 (remark: not available by April, 2015); The Theravada Buddhist monk Ashin Nayaka is Rakhine (ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar) WHO is a founder of Buddhist Missionary Society, in New York, USA; He had been 10+ years in India, 20+ years in Myanmar, and he has been 10+ years in USA, for spreading Buddhism in USA, he founded the Buddhist Missionary Society in New York, and actively distributing, preaching, reading, writing Buddhism ... ;

burmese, Sasasa Moli a.k.a. International Burmese Monks Organization; (remark: not available by April, 2015);

e dhamma .com [ remark: available before 2011] , Myanmar, English; Paw Dhamma Centers [ remark: available before 2009 ], English, Myanmar;

min, Myanmar Dhamma CDs are available; (available, but not monastery, not by monks);

nibbana .com, English, Myanmar, Pali; (remark: sometimes on, sometimes off);

Sitagu .org (remark: not available by April, 2015), WHERE Myanmar Cyclone Relief Fund, via Google Checkout, donation ... ; Sitagu Buddhist Vihara;

U Wilatha, Chinese, Myanmar, Pali;, 21-31 Redmayne Road, Horsley Park, Sydney, NSW2175, Australia; newly establish on approx. 5 acres, as of 2015, need new buildings e.g. dwelling place for monks, lodging for yogi (s), and etc.